Rolf Hicker

Rolf Hicker is specialized in nature, wildlife and travel stock photography photographed in travel locations like Africa, Europe, New Zealand, USA, Alaska and Canada.
As a professional photographer Rolf spends about 8 month travelling around the world each year. Born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, he moved to Canada, British Columbia in 2003.

His images are regulalry published in well known publications. Some of his credits include: – National Geographic – Canadian Geographic – Porsche – CTC – Readers Digest – Holland America just to name a few.

Rolf Hicker main photography website is:
Stock Photography
offers over 15,000 online travel stock images from several countries. Some of his more specialized websites are:

Pictures of Canada – Photos from all canadian provinces
Panorama pictures – real panoramic pictures, all photographed in format 6x17cm
Pictures of marine mammals, whales and dolphins – One of the strongest portfolios for whales and dolphins
Naturfotografie(German) – Rolf’s german websites for nature and wildlife, Naturfotografie und Tierfotografie


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